A new series from Marvel and Disney is coming. Near she is the hulk, a story that follows another female character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded into a television format. The series will be released on the platform Disney Plus next August 17 this year. Arriving at the service, we must review the history of the villain of this narrative: Titania.

The first images of this villain were taken from the trailer for the movie. she is the hulk. Even though the brunt of the promotion was borne by the protagonist, for logical reasons, the antagonist also had a couple of moments that invite us to think about several action scenes in the series. This is a character who, according to the comics, has similar (almost identical) powers to She-Hulk.

Part of these abilities is tremendous resistance and strength, both to impress her and to lean on her and push her body to various limits. She-Hulk – Heroic Version Jennifer Walterswho, by accident, received a blood transfusion from his cousin, Bruce Banner. The actress in charge of interpreting the protagonist of the series, Tatiana Maslany.

Titania: the origin of the villainess she is the hulk

In its turn, Mary McFerranwho will play in the series Jamila JamilThis is Titania. This character first appeared in Secret Wars #3, released in July 1984. Like She-Hulk, Titania is one of the classic Marvel comic book characters. In those years, many of the villains that appeared had the same abilities as the heroes of the stories.

Mary McFerran’s first steps were an ordinary character, a woman who was not credited with special abilities. Until she gets involved in a conflict within the Secret Wars and goes to fighting world. On this planet, he meets with Doctor Doom, who offers him the opportunity to acquire superpowers. That person who seemed fragile suddenly transforms into someone with a fibrous body that has infinite resistance and strength.

Back on earth, Titania is repeatedly confronted by She-Hulk. The first match between the two is won by the villain, who will then have to see the face of defeat during other matches. In the comics, Titania has a relationship with Absorbing Man and later joins the Masters of Evil, a group led by Baron Zemo who was recently seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Falcon and Winter Soldier.

In addition to the aforementioned encounters, Titania has had other encounters with characters such as Spider-Man. This character was designed and drawn Jim Shooter D Mike Zeck. In the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his presence could end up introducing yet another powerful villain in the comics. Doctor Doom.

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