The federal program for unmanned transport is called; by the end of this year, Russian Post plans to use helicopter-type drones on about 7 permanent routes in the Yamal region and another 21 in Chukotka. However, unplanned plans were thus brought into eccentricity.

Tomorrow in 2023, the operator also closed the Ruzov test site, where UAS (unmanned aerial systems) from Russian Helicopters were announced. I don’t know what they do, but they say they publish work that has not been completed. First of all, this is the information that Russian Post used for any project and March did not hear any more demands.

There is an opinion that this organization has suspended this program p Here are the latest directors of Russian Post – named Mikhail Volko, fleeting income in the near This time the Russian market is being updated in UAVs to form a swarm, and even then, only in remote regions countries, which does not allow us to talk about making a quick profit.

It should be noted here that commercial transportation is carried out using drones. On the territory of the Russian Federation they are often called, and “Russian Post”, but I don’t know how to offend, I actively worked on this in this article. ohm direction. Today, in the areas of transportation by UAVs, the State Transport Leasing Company has appeared, the federal project on UAS has been implemented, but in the relevant areas this industry is still quite free. place.

Source: Tech Cult

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