End of series Fast and Furious, starring Vin Diesel, will produce more films than expected. Yes, originally Fast & Furious X It will be the penultimate installment in the franchise with a confirmed eleventh production in pre-production. However, something has changed with this plan.

On the red carpet of the premiere Fast & Furious X in Rome, Vin Diesel issued a statement that changes the structure of the saga as it has been known until now. According to the actor, one of the main promoters of the franchise, the closure will come as a trilogy.

This means that the whole saga Fast and Furious There will be twelve films in total. Commercially, this may be the most important movie franchise in recent memory, along with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Vin Diesel explains the ending
a series Fast and Furious

Oral translation Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel positioned himself in the film industry as a figure skater. Although his career can be largely reduced to a saga Fast and furious. However, it is thanks to this that he managed to recreate a story that attracts a wide variety of audiences to cinemas. The actor is aware of this and, in his own way, tries to give the viewer what, according to his intuition, he wants.

Fast & Furious X starring Vin Diesel.

This may explain the decision to turn the end Fast and Furious in a trilogy. The above has been consulted fandango about Dominic Toretto’s future outside of this franchise. With that in mind, Vin Diesel responded:

“That’s a good question. As a director, you want people to enjoy the film without thinking too much about it. I can say this: I do fast and furious x, the studio (Universal Pictures) asked us if it could be two parts (the end of the saga). Seeing this first one, they asked: is it really Fast & Furious X trilogy?

vin diesel fandango.

When contact Naz Perez asked him to confirm the news, the actor left the stage. You can see the whole sequence in the following video:

saga Fast and Furious It started as a story exploring the universe of illegal car racing and the improvements that can be made to a car. With the transfer of supplies, he mutated into an action movie franchise. One that, if nothing changes in the plan commented by Vin Diesel, two more parts will remain closed.

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