Indiana Jones 5also called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doomwill be the last installment in the franchise Harrison Ford like the main character. What seemed like an open secret was confirmed by two promotional videos posted through the LucasFilm platform, as well as a tribute to the actor during Cannes Film Festival.

The first part of the saga Indiana Jones The premiere took place 42 years ago. WITH Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, as this film was called, launched a series of productions that accompanied different generations in cinema. In the specific case of Harrison Ford, his protagonist, this is one of his characters most remembered and loved by audiences.

That explains the tribute to him at the Cannes Film Festival this Thursday, May 18, 2023. The actor received the Palme d’Or for his film career., which spans over 40 years of career, and was also greeted with applause from the audience. From the podium and after receiving the confession, Harrison Ford said the following, his voice trembling: “I am very touched. It is said that when you are about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. And I just watched my life flash before my eyes, most of my life“.

Indiana Jones 5Harrison Ford’s last voyage

Last Thursday there were many goodbyes and LucasFilm, through a couple of commercials for Indiana Jones 5, has confirmed that this film will be the last one to star Harrison Ford. They can be understood as a farewell to a character, perhaps one of the most iconic figures of modern cinema, just like his interpreter. In the new achievements, the phrase stands out: “The Last Adventure.”

The video interweaves footage from four previous films, as well as some Indiana Jones 5 and comments from the working group of this latest film. That’s why you can see and hear the director James Mangoldto the manufacturer Kathleen Kennedy and, of course, Harrison Ford. Among the ideas that the translator shared in this video are the following: “The preparation was not really necessary. He (the character) is retiring as a teacher and is about to stumble upon a new adventure.”

This, Indiana Jones 5, this will be the last trip for Indy. According to Harrison Ford: “It was good. We feel like we’ve made the movie that the audience deserves.. I believe we will surprise them.” The next project that the actor will take on, at least within the scope of those that are widely known, will be the project of General Thaddeus Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indiana Jones 5 It will be released in theaters on June 29th..

last adventure

When Harrison Ford starred in the first part of the saga Indiana Joneshe was 39 years old. It was 1981. A few years earlier, in 1976, the actor was chosen to play Han Solo in the franchise. star Wars. In other words, his career has reached a point of maturity and impact. Not only was it part of one of the most important sagas in terms of science fiction and collectibles, star Warsbut he also tried to lead the project on his own.

Although he had several more productions to go in his career at that point, the decision to join both franchises would have an enviable place in film history in the long run. Whether Han Solo or Indy, Harrison Ford has managed to cut across generations of audiences. To these characters we must add other remarkable characteristics. Among them, I could add his interpretation of Rick Deckard in Blade Runner (1982), another cult film, or his feature film work 42 (2013).

Gradually, Harrison Ford became a figure who could also play dramatic roles. He did this based on the reputation that has developed from the saga. star Wars And Indiana Jones. Even if the interpreter no longer gives life to the characters he is used to portraying, most likely, his work will remain in the cinematic memory of critics and viewers for a long time.

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