Universe Fast and Furious will continue to grow. Although the franchise already has ten productions and a derivative film –Hobbs and ShawIt won’t be her last. On the contrary, at least two more films are expected, and VIN diesel confirmed, as part of the premiere Fast & Furious 10What there are already some spin-off in the development phase.

Franchise Fast and Furious it started in 2001. At that time, most likely, no one imagined that the saga would last another 22 years. It consists of a series of films and short films featuring a wide variety of characters. It was they who helped build a story based on an idea: family.

In films, this idea was the cornerstone of almost all actions. A story that began as a story that explored the universe of illegal racing and tuning cars, he was transformed. From this starting point, it has reached the present day, where it is a very profitable franchise financially. In this context, perhaps sooner rather than later, some spin-off.

What did Vin Diesel say about Fast and Furious And spin-off?

One of the values Fast and Furious like a franchise it’s a variety of main characters. Almost any type of figure can be found, even when not on the side Dominic Toretto, the main character played by Vin Diesel. However, there have been a few stories in the movies with little development, half-told. Perhaps, knowing this, Diesel prepared a series for several years. spin-off to give even more flight to this universe.

fast and furious 7

In statements given Diversityproducer and main star of the saga Fast and FuriousHe explained the following: “I started developing spin off woman in 2017 along with others. The sooner I pass the ending, the sooner I can play everything spin-off.

One aspect that draws attention in this statement is the plural that Vin Diesel used when talking about these future projects. Considering the wide variety of characters that make up the franchise Fast and Furious, it is not very difficult to imagine that there could be at least a trinity with potential. Who could this female person you refer to be? Perhaps this is interpreted Charlize TheronCipher.

Vin Diesel mentioned that he works in one of spin-off since 2017. In the same year, the eighth film in the franchise was released. Fast and Furious. It was in this issue that Charlize Theron made her debut in this universe. After this appearance, the character returned in the ninth production, and also appears in the most recent, Fast & Furious 10 (FastX)released May 18, 2023. According to Diesel’s statement, these works will be presented after the completion of the main films.

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