Participants of the VKontakte video monetization program will receive income from users who watch promotional videos up to 30 seconds in length; will be displayed before the start of the live streams. This is stated in the message of the social network.

“VKontakte” opened communities access to monetization of live broadcasts

The new format will be available on the VK Video platform in broadcasts in the desktop version and in the mobile version.

You can enable monetization in the community admin block. The connect button will automatically appear in communities that meet all video monetization criteria, including number of subscribers (from 5,000 people), topics, and length of content.

After the request is approved, a connection box will appear in the community, the statistics will be available to the author and he will be able to withdraw the money earned.

Since the beginning of March, the number of communities connected to the video content monetization program grew 4.5 times, now more than 6 thousand audiences earn on their videos.


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Source: RB

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