One of the big surprises of the PlayStation Showcase was without a doubt the presentation of the PlayStation Project Q. However, Sony only showed the console, without revealing any other details or a specific date other than a year-end launch. A few days later, some rumors about Sony’s non-portable console were leaked, and the truth is that if they are confirmed, then they do not bode well.

I must say right away that the PlayStation Project Q is not a console in itself, but local streaming player receiving data from PlayStation 5 to which it is connected. A kind of controller with a screen that uses the Remote Play features that mobile devices also have, but in a clearly more convenient way. Halfway between PS Vista and DualSense, but without the ability to run games.

This means that not only will you need to purchase the game (or download via subscription), it also forces you to turn on the PS5since it is this console that launches the game and sends data to PlayStation Project Q.

PlayStation Project Q will ship with a very limited battery

Now it became known about two important data that are slightly at odds with the capabilities of Sony’s portable “console”. First, the PlayStation Project Q offers a rather limited battery. According to rumors about 4 hours. An unconfirmed fact that was like a pitcher of cold water for those who wanted to get their hands on the console. In fact, the PlayStation Project Q will follow the same steps as the DualSense Edge: a great device weighed down by a very low battery.

This puts the PlayStation device far behind the rest of the alternatives on the market. Nintendo Switch OLED has a battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours, while Steam Deck lasts two to eight hours. And all this with the understanding that both Switch and Deck are full-fledged consoles, and not an accessory that simply launches games remotely.

Price will be the determining factor for success PlayStation Q project

The other unknown unknown is price. Here Sony is in a difficult position. A device (non-console) with a very limited battery, no ability to run games directly, with a 1080p screen, and requiring, if the PS5 doesn’t hit the market, a price close to that of the Switch. Or it will be very difficult to convince potential users.

Now, Sony always releases pretty high-quality devices on the market, so the PlayStation Project Q is also not expected to be cheap. Rumors point to a price close to that of the Edge, around €250.. Perhaps in this strip, his weakest points remain in the background, although it is not entirely clear whether he can convince.

What’s also not entirely clear is what market niche Sony is actually targeting with its PlayStation Project Q. Be that as it may, the company’s goal is to launch PlayStation Project Q this year.. It doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but we shouldn’t be surprised if it sees the light of day in the final quarter; just before Christmas, or to be more optimistic, accompanied by a great 2023 exclusive: Spider-Man 2.

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