According to the newspaper’s information ThirdThe 24-year-old Colombian from Chile, who was found in three different parts of the city center of Santiago, has been identified as Jhon Sebastián Grueso Vásquez.

This man’s body parts were left in boxes and plastic bags taken from a home by three men and a woman. His hands were tied and stabbed.

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The Chilean newspaper reported that authorities managed to access security camera footage and found that three people got out of the car earlier this Sunday, one of whom opened a suitcase and threw out the box containing the head. The vehicle then fled north in the Alameda sector.

Less than a week ago, it was learned that another Colombian died in Chile. This is Milton Dominguez Mora, Four of its members were arrested for this, who were attacked and beaten to death by members of the Chilean Navy.

The Colombian had immigrated to Chile nearly three years ago to work as a solar panel technician, but his dream of improving his conditions in that country had turned into a disaster. “You live in a terrible situation. You suffer to eat. People are getting tired of enduring hunger,” the man said at the time.

According to the information received from Hogar de Cristo, Milton Rodríguez Moreno installed and maintained the solar panels.

He came to Chile but one of his options was to travel from Cali to Spain.

Two of the countries where Colombian immigrants come for a better future.

But in the end he chose the country to the south, passing through Pisiga in Bolivia, and entered Chilean territory after a two-month journey.

It was two years ago when Milton Rodríguez went on a trip to Chile.enters illegally. He traveled the south of the continent for two months and walked most of the way, as a street resident, to the country with several men, some of whom had previous personal injury records to other victims.

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However, her story turned into a drama because when she arrived at a house, she was infected with a fungus that cut off first two of her fingers, then her entire right leg.

Sadness overtook Cali because while in Chile he learned that his 96-year-old father had died.

He spoke to his mother at the time, who didn’t want to talk about having his leg amputated. “I didn’t want to upset him any more,” she said in a video she recorded at age 58.

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The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the killing of Milton Rodríguez Moreno and asked the “Chilean authorities”. Highest speed in investigations and punishment of those responsible for such a heinous act”.

Chilean Defense Minister Maya Fernández said she “denies the unacceptable and painful incident that took place in Iquique”.

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The authorities have been discharged and we hope that justice will punish them accordingly.”

Captain Marcelo Zoppi in the Chilean Navy,
They regretted what had happened to the disabled person from Cali and assured that four members of the Navy would be called to qualify for service.

The State Department said the assassination sentences for today’s former sailors should be exemplary and harsh.

These people are being investigated for alleged murder.


Source: Exame

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