Silent Hill is a horror video game franchise created by Keiichiro Toyama, published and produced by Konami.. Recently, this company, which creates a wide variety of video games, has released a highly anticipated and prominent announcement.

It was about the remake of Silent Hill 2, one of the most popular games when it comes to classics, which can be enjoyed on Play 2. Thanks to its fame, it has managed to make the leap to other consoles such as the Xbox. or computer.

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It is known that this new version will be made by Bloober Team, Authors of many important horror games in the world of video games. That’s why the company decided to release more details about the title, but highlighted the minimum requirements for the new install to work perfectly on PCs, more specifically on Steam.

It can be said that there are new sounds in different languages, as well as bringing new surprises for the fans. The developer company stipulated a number of features that computers should have in the first place. so that the game can be rendered optimally.

According to players, some of these demands are very high, as not everyone may have such features due to their great value in the market.

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As you can see in the list, This new video game requires the best on the market to build a good PC. Because if any of these are not met, there may be a rendering error in the remake, causing the new Silent Hill episode to not turn out as intended by the creators.

You have to keep in mind that this video game is a remake, which means it will be very similar to the game played a few years ago, but with new graphics and sound details it can catch and fall in love with any gamer. .

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As an important fact, the game does not have a release date yet, however, Konami has made it clear that it will be one of the best deliveries to be made in 2023.


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