Nintendo brought us some very good news at the Direct event this Wednesday. The company announced that at the end of the year remake from RPG Super Mario: Legend of the Seven Stars, a Super Nintendo classic. The new version of the video game promises to stay true to the original, and the first trailer proves it.

It is logical that the modernization of the artistic style remake – both graphically and musically – but the gameplay and settings don’t seem to change much. It is worth clarifying that the title for the Nintendo Switch will be released just like Super Mario RPGand will be available from next November 17. However, those interested can reserve it from today through the console’s online store.

First look at the new Super Mario RPG makes it clear what players will experience again huge worlds and isometric perspective of the original game. Like the SNES title, the Nintendo Switch version will support a combat system with teams of up to three characters.

As for the main characters, they repeat Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Mallow and Geno. The main enemy will again become forgea robot blacksmith who intends to steal the 7 stars that are part of star road. The players will also meet again Boosters, an optional boss that must be defeated in one of the scenarios. Although perhaps the most striking novelty remake from Super Mario RPG is the inclusion bird, which can be seen in the trailer that hatches from the egg. Everything indicates that the latter will also be an antagonistic part in the story.

Super Mario RPG Coming to Nintendo Switch with remake

YouTube video

Undoubtedly, the announcement remake from Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch took many by surprise. Actually fans of Mario and Japanese company platform For a while, they’ve been calling for the original SNES game to be included in the catalog of classic online games for the Nintendo Switch.. Luckily, the people of Kyoto decided to offer something even better with this modernized reverse.

RPG Super Mario: Legend of the Seven Stars it was released on the Super Nintendo in 1996, but only in Japan and the United States. It only appeared in Europe in 2008 as part of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console. In any case, despite being initially limited, the video game was a resounding critical success and also surprised with its great acting. performance on sale.

In fact, it finished its first year as the third best-selling game in the Japanese market and sixth in the US. And its commercial results in North America surprised Nintendo itself, which predicted lower sales than it eventually achieved. Moreover, since his arrival in mid-May 1996, 14 consecutive weeks as the top-selling game in the United States.surpassing Ken Griffey Jr. winning streak, Donkey Kong Country 2 And Mortal Kombat 3 for SNES and SEGA Genesis.

It should be noted that the original Super Mario RPG It was developed by Square for Nintendo. And the link seems to still hold on for remake Nintendo Switch as seen on the final screen of the trailer you can see the mention of Square Enix. In any case, we still don’t know how much research was involved in making this new version.

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