Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found an external or curious way to ensure weight loss without having to change the diet of a living creature. This was done in the current studies with an informal methodology. In the case of the experimental existence of the worm nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, which also wanted to use elements called Chinese flowers.

Initially, scientists did not have a goal to achieve weight loss; they were modeling the water environment as such. It is necessary to use the process in a raw way to be able to use it. In particular, experiments were carried out with fuel materials, on the other hand, mushroom. There is a lot of talk about its positive effect on people’s health, but scientists were more interested in the fact that kombucha is very rich in different people.

The last few years have been too late, and this new year has ushered in the personalities in the police system of police officers that show seriousness. And, on the contrary, the worms have decreased production of proteins that are capable of producing triglycerides and lipids. This common form is used in the cell phone – it is also used in this organization. As if he was starving.

In the worst case, authors are not allowed to give their names. Long-term observations are needed, and it is still too early to transfer the experiment to humans. It is not necessary to form the same flower, the number of flowers such as yuchaya painless weight loss inspires hope for improving the health of millions. People.

Source: Tech Cult

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