Sony trying to generate as much as possible around Playstation VR2new generation of his virtual reality helmet, and for this reason he announced that will launch with “more than 20 games” both in-house and third-party. The data was made public during a presentation during a commercial report by a Japanese corporation.

Unfortunately, the details of what these titles will be are not yet known. So far, it is only known that the PlayStation VR2 will be accompanied by Horizon Call of the Mountain as his first 100% original game. This was already confirmed by the company itself when the specifications of the device were announced at CES 2022 earlier in the year.

However, the Japanese want to make it clear that they are putting all their chips into this new release. as assembled VGK, Jim RyanChairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said at the briefing:

“Right now, a significant amount of money is being spent on partnerships with indie and third-party developers to deliver a significant amount of compelling VR content when it launches on PlayStation VR2. This energy, effort and money will continue to grow as the installed base of PlayStation VR2 headsets also grows.

Jim Ryan, President of SIE (PlayStation)

Recall that in August last year, details of Sony’s meeting with a group of developers were leaked. In it, the Japanese firm would try to secure a commitment from the studios to offer PlayStation VR2 support on all Tier 1 (or AAA) games they launch for the PS5.

PlayStation VR2 is still waiting for a release date

In addition to what Sony has announced regarding the catalog of games that will be available for the PlayStation VR2 when it goes on sale, its release date is still a mystery.. Rumors that have surfaced over the past two years point to a target window of late 2022, which seemed possible with the official unveiling of the device in the first half of the year. Let’s not forget that in addition to the specifications that were revealed in January, the design of the device was officially revealed at the end of February.

However, rumors of possible delays were also in the order of things. First, because Sony was still in talks in the first half of 2022 to confirm suppliers of key technologies such as eye tracking; secondly, because mass production of 800 ppi AMOLED screens, like those boasted by the PlayStation VR2, has not yet begun. Therefore, analysts expect that Sony’s virtual reality headset will be released no earlier than 2023.

At the moment, the Japanese have not released information about a hypothetical market entry date. Not about its price, of course.

PlayStation VR2 will offer a 4K panel (2000 x 2040 pixels for each eye); with a refresh rate of 90 to 120 Hz and a 110-degree field of view. The VR helmet will use four external cameras to track head movements and controls. Sense Controllers. Although it will also include a flexible resolution scaling system that will work in conjunction with eye tracking. This technology, known as renderingit will display in more detail – and in real time – just what you’re looking at.

The device will also feature in-head haptic feedback and PS5 3D audio support, and will only connect to the console using a USB-C cable.

Source: Hiper Textual

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