Millonarios became champion after beating Atletico Nacional 3-2 on penalties.after a dramatic final in which ninety minutes of the second match ended in a draw with a goal.

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The Bogotá team managed to celebrate at El Campín after they started losing the game due to the striker’s goal. Duke of Jeffersonin the first half of the match.

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A rebound taken by the defender in the second half Andres Lilinasfan and actor millionairesrepresented the unity of the team. Alberto Gamero.

The situation couldn’t have been more tense on penalties anyway. stuffed shoes And Jadea, the first adders failed to launch.

And after the Millionaires’ first collection, there came a then-unnoticed peak moment: a ball collector entering the field.

Purpose of your entry? As seen in a video, the towel Kevin Mier where the players have collection trends millionaires.

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After echoing the recording that created a whole discussion on social networks, Millos coach Alberto Gamero was questioned about it.

“Believe me, they’ve been asking about this until now” was the first thing Gamero said about the ball collector’s action in an interview with ‘Blu Radio’.

“Is it true about the towel?”He asked Nestor Morales‘Mañanas Blu’ director, to DT of Millionaires.

“No, no, no. We’re a coaching team that’s very new to this stuff. We don’t have any experience or anything like that.”answered actor.

“I wanted to congratulate you on the towel…” Morales told him.

“No, no no. If it suddenly became true, criticize me but don’t compliment me on it.” aforementioned actor at the beginning of the conversation.

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Later, after being aware of the existence of the videos at that moment, actor He said: “There are now many platforms, a lot of software that goalkeepers need to know… our video editor (Alejandro Correales) before speaking, took our goalkeeper into a room and showed him where they were attacking and where they are not getting paid (Nacional players)”.

At the insistence of the ball collection, Gamero said, “I learned from the interviews, I have no social networks. I learned this morning that this happened (…) One player realized… so it was a player’s vigilance, not the coaching team.“.

After a panelist said it was midfielder Daniel Giraldo who allegedly alerted the ball collector, actor Additional: “One thing is: don’t even think that someone on the coaching team would say no, no, no to Giraldo (…).”

“Someone said it and someone did it,” Néstor Morales concluded.


Source: Exame

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