Pixel 9 They will be announced next month and will bring news not only on the hardware and design level, but also on the software and artificial intelligence level. As reported Android AuthorityGoogle will follow in Apple’s footsteps with Apple Intelligence and introduce new AI features that will be processed locally under the name Google AI.

The above mentioned carrier indicates that the information comes from insider from Google and shows several screenshots detailing these features. Google AI will position itself as kind center AI tools on Pixel 9The images show at least five utilities and applications based on this technology, some new and others already known.

On the Pixel 9, users will be able to use Google AI to access Twins already as a default assistant Circle to searchthe ability to search for anything that appears on the screen by circling it, which we’ve already seen on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. But what’s really new are three other features that will make their debut in this suite.

One of the new AI tools in the Pixel 9 will be Add meor Add meThe description of the feature only says, “Make sure everyone is included in your group photo,” and there are already suggestions that it could be the ability to add one or more people to a photo using AI.

The final scope of this tool is not confirmed. However, Google has experience with variations of this style, as in the case of Best takewhich allows you to choose the best face of the person in the image and create the perfect postcard.

Another new feature coming to the Pixel 9 from Google AI will be Studio“You imagine it, Pixel creates it,” the description reads. It will apparently take advantage of generative AI to create stickers or Image Playground-style images in iOS/iPadOS 18, though that’s not confirmed.

The Pixel 9 will come with Google AI, the powerhouse of artificial intelligence tools.

The Pixel 9 will come with Google AI, the powerhouse of artificial intelligence tools.
Photos: Android Authority.

Finally, we must mention an option that promises contradictions: Pixel screenshotsAccording to the leak, this tool will have features similar to Recall, Windows 11’s photographic memory. Basically, Google will use artificial intelligence to process the information in your screenshots. create a “searchable library” This makes it easy to find data.

Will this tool become a privacy nightmare like Windows 11’s Recall? There’s no way to know for sure. However, what’s visible in the leaked images seems to suggest a more promising approach than Microsoft’s. First, because the new Pixel 9 tool By default it will be disabled. Secondly, because all information will be processed locallywithout leaving your mobile phone. Thirdly, because will not take automatic picturesbut will work with those that are created manually by each user.

Here’s what the summary, provided by Google AI, says:

“If you enable AI processing in Pixel Screenshots, the app will use artificial intelligence to summarize your new and existing screenshots and answer your questions about the information in them. When you enable this feature, new screenshots will also save metadata, such as website links, app names, and the date the screenshot was taken, so you can review this information later.”

As for how data will be processed in this new AI-powered Pixel 9 tool, Mountain View reps add:

“Pixel Screenshots requires access to your media. Content saved in this app will be stored and processed on this device. This may include images, text, associated metadata, and AI-generated content.

You can disable AI processing on new screenshots by going to Settings in the Pixel Screenshots app. You’ll still be able to take screenshots and view them from within the app, but they won’t be processed by AI, and you won’t be able to search through them.

Let’s see what happens with Google AI in Pixel 9. The presentation of the new mobile phones of the Californian company will take place August 13Four phones are expected to hit the stage — the Pixel 9, Pro, Pro XL, and Pro Fold — and two variants of the Pixel Watch 3.

Source: Hiper Textual

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