The most anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, has already been released by Nintendo.It was overwhelmingly successful in sales, surpassing its predecessor, Breath of the Wild.

Therefore below We will give you the most important tricks so that you can perform well in this new installment.According to the ‘Digital Trends’ portal.

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(It might help: Nintendo has released the first trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.)

As never before in the franchise, you will be able to use heaven much more freely, willing to use it to your advantage..

You will be able to discover the floating islands that suddenly appeared and all the secrets of this new version according to the ‘3d games’ portal.

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Here are the tricks you can use according to the ‘Extra Life’ portal: Combine two pieces of meat, recommended XXL Game meat, then drop it on the ground and combine it with any weapon you have with the ‘Combination’ ability and then use it with the ultra dexterity. This will be saved as a build.

If your character is in a cold or icy area, you should drop the pieces of meat to freeze them quickly, as they have a higher freezing value.

To achieve this, you must select the schematic generator and the build will be activated, allowing you to use weapons fused with pieces of meat.released and automatically frozen.

(It might help you: ‘Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ breaks Nintendo’s record: best-selling series).

Ultra Hand: the character has the possibility to move and rotate objects. Even add them, it’s perfect for solving puzzles.

Combination: This ability allows you to add all sorts of effects by combining weapons with objects such as shields or arrows, changing their durability and the damage they can do.

Infiltration– This allows your character to traverse different surfaces, jump vertically over ceilings and even evolve into a new fighting mechanic to defeat enemies.

recoil: Reversing the movement of an object, causing the character to switch to new surfaces.


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