To encourage adoption of their virtual reality glasses, Target officially Quest+, a new subscription gaming service. It will be available from July and will offer users two specially selected virtual reality games every month.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Meta Quest+ will be available in both Quest 2 and Quest Pro, as well as Quest 3, which will be released soon. The service will cost $7.99/month or $59.99/yearand will try to encourage VR enthusiasts to step up their headset.

The first two games available to Meta Quest+ subscribers will be pistol whip And Torn Pixel 1995. And in August, the offers included in the service will be Walk on mini golf And MOTHERSHIP: FORGE. Players will be able to claim titles on the first day of each month and will retain access to them as long as they remain subscribed to the service.

The latter is important to note. Meta ensures that users can unsubscribe from Quest+ whenever they want, but if they do, they will lose the catalog of games they paid for. Now, if a customer renews their subscription in the future, Menlo Park staff promise restore the entire library of VR titles what happened before the cancellation.

Meta Quest+: A Subscription for VR Lovers

In principle, the launch of Quest+ looks like an interesting strategy from Meta. Nevertheless, gives the impression that the service is expensive for the type of reward it offers. Also keep in mind that the games offered as part of a subscription are not always new. without going too far Torn Pixel 1995 originally released in 2020.

This is not necessarily a negative point. Although it is interesting to analyze different edges; for example, if it manages to attract potential users beyond VR enthusiasts. Or if he manages to boost the California firm’s global eyewear sales. Let’s not forget that Meta recently announced a massive price cut for Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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With the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro, where those on the block showed a rather apathetic first attitude towards games, It makes sense that Meta wants to take advantage of Quest+ to showcase its VR gaming ecosystem.. But back to what was said above, it’s too early to tell how successful this subscription might be. Especially if you literally don’t offer more than a couple of $8 games a month.

Meta says that Quest+ “combines accessibility with the convenience of a curated experience.” It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to this new service and how it pushes the company beyond the metaverse. It is worth noting that those who sign up before July 31, they will be able to access the first month for just $1. “The combination of the hottest VR hits, hidden gems and classics is the most affordable way to add incredible content to your library,” Menlo Park says.

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