The creator of Dead SpaceGlen Schofield told Game Informer he’s for him strange not to be involved in the project of the remake in development at EA. During the interview focused on The Callisto Protocol, the author expressed his feelings about the makeover of his old creature, stating that he was happy about the return of the franchise, but regretted not being involved in the project. Here are his words about it:

I took the announcement as a compliment and will continue to take it that way, but I’m also a little sorry. It’s a very strange feeling, like you’re not tied to your own game“says Schofield”It’s very weird, they want to play a better game than you did”

I wish them all the best though, because I want the franchise to live on: this is what I want, I intend to play it, I want them to do well. I’m glad they gave the franchise a second life.

We remind you that Glen Schofield was the creator and executive producer of the first dead space (2008) when he was part of Visceral Games and provided creative input for Dead Space 2 before leaving the studio. He is currently the head of the Striking Distance studio working on The Callisto Protocol, considered by many to be the spiritual heir to Dead Space, while being in no way affiliated with the franchise.

Dead Space Remake is available from January 27, 2023 PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

  • Dead Space Creator says it’s a ‘weird feeling’ not being part of the remake (

Source: Lega Nerd

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