If the reports that have appeared recently are executed exactly, PS5 Slim release is just around the corner. It’s a fact that Sony is working on the first major version of its console in a long time, though official details are still being kept under wraps. However, even the Japanese giant is not immune to leaks. An alleged first image of the PS5 Slim is already circulating online..

It’s important to note that there is currently no reliable source that can confirm that we are indeed seeing a first look at the PS5 Slim. The image appears to have come from an Asian production chain.

Today, when a technical product arrives or is about to be manufactured in China, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent leakage. Sony itself has already experienced this “for itself”, when images of white PS5 cases appeared during 2020. However, the leak went unnoticed at the time because we didn’t know the design yet.

The first image of the PS5 Slim, while not showing the entire console in its entirety, makes it clear that Sony would prefer not to scratch its head over the design. At least it is very similar to the current product. Of course, the Asian source assures that 5 cm shorterwhile the thickness remains unchanged.

Another notable detail is that side covers have a cut in the middle of their surface. We don’t know if this is just an aesthetic novelty or if it’s related to the removable drive.

It is important to remember here that, according to numerous reports, one of the main novelties of the PS5 Slim is the ability to remove the drive. This would allow Sony to offer a single model to the market, leaving the consumer the choice of whether to buy the reader separately. Of course it would bundles include everything from the beginning.

In the end, The PS5 Slim will have two USB-C inputs on the front.. The current PlayStation 5 has USB-C and USB-A ports, so the latter will be replaced by a more modern standard.


Source: Hiper Textual

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