Death Stranding 2 is under development. This was confirmed Norman Reedus during a recent interview that revealed that the game’s development just started During the interview for LEO, the actor who plays Sam Porter Bridges is said to have explained to the journalist how his collaboration with Hideo Kojima came about, the role of Guillermo del Toro and speaking of Death Stranding he is also said to have confirmed the production of Death Stranding 2 with these words:

It took us two or three years to finish the mocap sessions, it was very long. But then the game came out and it was on everyone’s lips, and we won all these firsts, then we started the second part

Although it was Reedus himself who confirmed the game in an interview, we remind you that Death Stranding 2 has not been officially announced yet As always, we advise you to take the reporting with a grain of salt and wait for the classic official confirmations from Kojima Productions.

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However, if the sequel was actually in development, and according to what Reedus said during the interview, there’s a good chance the game won’t see the light of day. before 2024 In recent days, there has been talk of the possibility that Kojima is also working on another highly anticipated return: the new chapter of Silent Hill A hypothesis that is still at stake despite Reedus’ statements.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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