You may like this system more or less, but Dynamic Island or Dynamic Island great innovation of Pro versions of the new iPhone 14. The Cupertino-based manufacturer is finally starting to do without the notch, the characteristic notch we’ve seen on the screen since the iPhone X.

This year, Only the Pro versions (iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max) have been the only models to include this new item. This hides the front camera rather than bet on the characteristic bulge of previous models. But next year things will change.

Basically, as a new report suggests that all versions of the iPhone 15 will feature Dynamic Island to offer a design more suited to current times.

Dynamic Island will come to the next iPhone 15

Or this is what came out of this last post. Ross Young, Apple Product Analyst and its success rate means that we always take his words into account as he is one of the main players in the leak industry.

And as you can see in this analyst’s post on his official Twitter account, all iPhone 15s will have Dynamic Island, Definately abandoning the notch in the lineup of Apple phones.

In the publication itself Ross Young’s “Yes, Dynamic Island is expected on the 15th standard models. 120Hz/LTPO is not yet expected in standard models as the supply chain cannot support this.”

We knew the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max used Samsung’s best displays. It is exactly the same panel that mounts the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to guarantee the best viewing experience, as it has the latest technologies from the manufacturer.

However, as we have stated several times, Apple is very concerned about potential problems in its supply chain. As it has already happened with the launch of the iPhone 13 during the coronavirus pandemic.

So it makes sense that the bitten apple company doesn’t want to pinch its fingers and guarantees that all the models it offers next year have Dynamic Island, leaving the best Samsung screens for its most vitaminized models.

In this way, we will have to wait for official confirmation from the manufacturer, although it is still a rumor, everything indicates that. No version of the iPhone 15 will have a notch. Is it worth the change to Dynamic Island?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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