The three sisters dreamed of knowing the sea. While the family was celebrating the birthday of one of their own, they did not expect such a pleasant day to turn into a tragedy on a beach in Guatemala.

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Santos Squén, the father of minors, was very enthusiastic about making his dreams come true. So they took advantage of the school holidays, packed their luggage and headed to the beaches of Puerto de Iztapa Escuintla, a large tourist industry.

“I kept filling a buildable pond where they lent us the farm. They asked me for permission to go and take pictures of the sea,” Squén recalled in a conversation with the channel. university, About the event that occurred in July 2023.

Their first approach to the water was captured in one image. Holding hands with their mother, the girls looked hopefully at the horizon. Their smiles broke when a tidal wave caught them as they explored the beach.

The current also dragged the 3 sisters, mother and other people in the place. With effort, they managed to return to land, but the girls did not have the same luck.

Shiley, Jackelin and Lesly, aged between 7 and 12, were left adrift at sea. Authorities began searching with boats and other equipment, only hours passed and the bodies of the minors were recovered. In fact, Firefighters had to deploy two planes to find them.

Desperation led her older sister, Kimberly Squén, to seek help from tourists and fishermen.


After 48 hours of searching, they found their bodies in the sea. “We found them dead,” said Squén, impressed.

Firefighters at the time said, “Two boats managed to remove the bodies and were taken to the mainland while awaiting the relevant authorities’ processing.”

The minors were fired by a large caravan, accompanied by their relatives, friends and teachers.

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Source: Exame

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