Two pilots died this Sunday Organizers reported that a serious accident occurred in the fourth attempt valid for the Brazilian Motovelocidad Championship held at the Cascavel International Autodrome, a city south of Paraná.

The crash occurred during the first lap of the Moto 1000 GP category motorcycle race this Sunday afternoon.

Video of the tragic accident in which two pilots lost their lives (delicate images)

In one of the first corners of the test, 42-year-old rider André Veríssimo Cardoso slipped off his motorcycle and was run over by Érico Veríssimo da Rocha, just where the acceleration started.The 38-year-old accompanying him did not have time to prevent the accident.

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Ranked eighth among nearly 150 pilots from 10 countries competing in the test, André was hit as he tried to stand up to continue the race. The impact of the crash knocked the co-pilot several meters off the runway.

Both were seriously injured and hospitalized, but they did not resist.

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The Moto 1000 GP organization, which immediately interrupted the test, regretted the death of the two competitors and All events of the fourth stage of the Brazilian Motovelocidad Championship have been cancelled.

“The Moto1000GP family sends all our prayers to the riders, their families, friends and fans,” the organization said in a statement. statement was included. “Unfortunately, a good day full of competition turned into one of the saddest days in Moto1000GP history,” the note said. statement added.

The Brazilian Motovelocidad Championship began with a test in the city of Goiania last April, with stages at Campo Grande and Lima Durate before arriving in Cascavel, a city near Brazil’s border with Paraguay and Argentina.


Source: Exame

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