after chapter 22 Ninth edition of ‘My Name’, presentation Andrea Correa, Shakira impersonatorIt gave something to talk about on social networks, due to its physical resemblance and the fact that it impressed the jury with its almost identical voice to the original.

Given this, Shakira reacted via their network: “Incredible but real. Better than the original. The copycat actually he is not colombian

impersonator Shakira By performing the Bizarrap session, he caused great reactions in the public. “Shakira sees you and I don’t know what to do,” Amparo Grisales said before Andrea’s show.

The true nationality of the Barranquilla singer’s twin is Chile. I already attended an event reality same style in this country.

The Chilean singer has an event manager in Colombia because she was one of the most featured contestants on the pretend show. “I am Chile” and took advantage of it with events Respect Shakira.

It also has a designer who helps. make costumes used to imitate the singer barranquilera can be considered an advantage over other competitors.

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copycat Andrea Correa He participated in the Chilean reality show in 2020. This was the beginning of his imitation career, as he had no knowledge before he got there. “Thanks to the opportunity that Cristian Riquelme gave me, I made the following decision: Imitate Shakira professionally‘ he wrote on his profile.

This program, which archangel impersonator That’s what led to this -which ended the ‘My Name’ tour a few days ago- Andrea devote oneself completely to imitation Shakira.

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Source: Exame

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