Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei reacts to the president’s words Gustavo PetroHe compared it to top Nazi boss Adolf Hitler.

(In context: ‘This is what Hitler said’: President Petro on Argentine candidate Javier Milei).

Milei is known for his “libertarian” ideology that led to the second round of the October 2023 Argentine elections.

The economist criticized other political currents. “What is socialism at its core? This is bullshit, human excrement,” he said in a conversation with the Colombia station. RCN.

For this expression, President Gustavo Petro wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter): “This is what Hitler said.”

In the same interview, Milei affirmed that Argentina would not fall into the hands of socialism because for him it was a complete sickness: “As long as a country adopts these ideas, the only thing that will happen to it is to become poorer. This is what has happened to Argentina, which has been destroyed in all aspects, not only economically but also socially and culturally. So corruption is general in all areas of life, and that is socialism.”

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The Argentine economist referred to what the Colombian president said. “As a socialist, nothing surprises me. Petro is the Forum of Sao Paulo,” he said. Mainland Radio.

Moreover, The President described Petro as “part of the collapse”: “We’re making these liberals so uncomfortable because we’re leaving them in the middle.”

In this sense, he stressed that Argentina should take a new direction: “When changes need to be made, politics never adapts, the State never adapts, the business is always in the hands of the private sector. Argentina is bankrupt in all aspects of social life. From the economy, from justice, from the way we relate to each other. “.

In his speech, Milei introduced the dollarization proposal that would destroy the Central Bank and promised to put a “chainsaw” on public spending, He became the primary candidate for the Presidency of Argentina with the most votes in the primary elections held on 13 August.

He was born on October 22, 1970 in Buenos Aires and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Belgrano. He holds two other master’s degrees and has worked for various organizations, political candidates and most recently as an economic adviser at Aeropuertos Argentina 2000.


As the candidate with the most votes in the primary elections, he will turn 53 on the day of the general election.It’s something he couldn’t even imagine after being seen as an invention of the media in 2016, as he began to gain public notoriety for his interventions in the local press, characterized by radical anti-system and traditional political “anti-caste” rhetoric.

The political arena he led, La Libertad Avanza, was stunned by the top-rated power in the country (31.63%), Together for Change (27.83%), and the pro-government Union for the Fatherland (26, 19). %), 72% of the votes were counted.

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A poll released by consulting firm Analog√≠as at the end of August shows La Libertad Avanza’s intention to vote is 32.1%.above its competitors.

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