CD Projekt RED, creators of the iconic ‘The Witcher’ saga, announced the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) ‘Phantom Liberty’, alongside innovations in Cyberpunk 2077 games.

This time, the developers worked on a revamped police system designed to make it harder for criminals to escape and give players a more exciting experience.

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This version is scheduled for release on September 26, and in addition to improvements to the base game, players will be able to experience: New features of the police system in ‘Phantom Liberty’.

One of the main updates is the introduction of a user interface that clearly displays the different states of the interception system with their respective temperatures.

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Violators who reach the maximum ‘heat’ level or five stars MAX-TAC is a police unit that specializes in dealing with extremely dangerous situations.

The update also introduces car chases, roadblocks and barricades for cyber psychopaths trying to escape, making escape attempts more difficult. CD Projekt RED has assured that the Night City Police Department (NCPD) will reject bribery and resistance when they catch criminals.

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As officers will naturally and intuitively leave the scene, players will be able to detect that the police have given up on their pursuit. The flexibility to dodge on foot or by vehicle offers players exciting and strategic choices during their interaction with the law.

The developer stated that these improvements are aimed at increasing the fluidity and fun of the game, as well as providing players with a more attractive and meaningful experience, This contributes to the reduction of criminal activity in Night City.

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Source: Exame

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