10 fun sports games we recommend you try for iPhone and iPad

Do you like to do sports and play on your iPhone at the same time? Check out this list of today’s best sports games.

10 fun sports games we recommend you try for iPhone and iPad
Learn about and try the best sports games for your iPhone.

Surely you stood in a long queue, went on a trip, or had some free time, for these opportunities the iPhone is often a distraction. So, if you like video games but are more of a “casual” type and also like sports, you can’t miss this one. List of games full of adrenaline and sports excitement.

We know it’s already part of the iPhone. gamer culturemany users take advantage of the device’s features to play some of the incredible options available on the AppStore. In fact, we recently presented you with the best dragon games, but now it’s time to train from your iPhone. Here you are Top 5 sports games you should try.

Golf Battle

Exercising is much more enjoyable when there is someone to play with, and in this case it is no exception, so Golf Battle Spending a nice afternoon with your friends, testing their sensitivity and patience skills is a perfect option. Undoubtedly an experience you should not miss if you love online multiplayerBecause that’s what the game focuses on the most.

Real Boxing 2

Prepare your virtual gloves and step into the world of boxing with this famous game. Good graphics, very intuitive controls and short fights for those moments when you don’t have much time, it’s great! Get to the top with special warrior and defeat some of the most popular characters in sports history.

FM 23

Would you like to manage your own football team? With Football Manager 2023 You will be able to realize this dream. Be the coach you always wanted to beCreate the most incredible squad, develop a complete game mode, plan strategies to win matches and manage to educate the future promises of football.

Touch BMX 2

If you like cycling and You want to take your passion to the extremeYou can’t miss this incredible game where you can experience acrobatics, speed and other actions with just your fingers. This simulator is one of the best options for those who like two wheels.

Customize your bike, travel on different roads and in different places, from the desert to the rooftops of the city, they will help you perform incredible stunts like a pro.

Big Mountain Adventure

Skiing is one of the best sports where you can enjoy magnificent views while going downhill at full speed. simulation related to Big Mountain Adventure It’s one of the best because it makes you feel like you’re on top of your snowboard, performing incredible maneuvers and stunts.

The graphics part is very good and the intuitive gameplay helps make it increasingly easier for you to continue advancing your level as a player. If you try this section, you can join the large list of gamers playing this game on all their devices. iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Rocket League Sideswipe

When we talk about sports in the world game We cannot help but mention this video game jewelRocket League has long been on top lists on both consoles and PC, no matter where you are or how old you are, and today many people have played or at least heard of the game.

Difficulty level and excitement of development as you level up by scoring hundreds of goals with the most luxurious wheels It will be your daily hobby. Playing football with incredible cars and lots of drifts is truly crazy.


The lights of the most important stadiums are on! A game that will fill you with adrenaline with its incredible gameplay. You can’t miss this installment with a part. One of the most important sagas in the world and in the history of video games. You have only one goal; Build the perfect squad to defeat the most experienced players.

A perfect combination between the competitive level and the classic setup of a football video game, it is undoubtedly one of the best options to enter a great experience that will make you feel like you are managing your dream team. football fan.

8 ball billiards

If we remember a little about the video games that dominate mobile devices, we cannot ignore billiards, moreover, it is so outdated that today it remains one of the indispensable games of many people. Therefore, if you love billiards, you cannot leave this part behind. Good graphics, dynamic controls and a level suitable for beginners and already experts.

New star football player

Looking for something dynamic and fun? There is no doubt that this game will make you feel the emotion and pressure of a real football match; The difference of this sport from other games is that here you have to concentrate on your individual career. team’s superstar.

Don’t get carried away by the game’s friendly animations and charismatic designs, as the challenge will be reflected in the most decisive actions of each match, such as shooting or passing a direct shot at goal.


A fun American football experience comes to your device. With A very retro style that will make you remember 8 bit video games, a very dynamic game mode with very challenging levels. If you love this sport this causal game will be your favorite.

You now have a choice of sports to play on your iPhone; This will make your free time full of excitement and many victories.

Don’t forget that in addition to these deliveries we recommend, you can also try others in Apple Arcade. Apple’s streaming video game service. During this month of September, the service has added more than 40 updates with 4 new games and various installments to trap you as much as you want.

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