Over the past twenty years the tapes Pixar They became famous for using fantasy settings to metaphorically explore larger issues. So, while Andy says goodbye to his toys in Toy Story 3, shows the pain of loss and absence. The same can be said about Finding Nemo, which examines the relationship between parents and children in the midst of a seafaring adventure. Even Soul“, one of the studio’s most criticized films, has a moral of joy in life that outweighs its shortcomings.

IN elementary, now available on Disney+, does the same thing. Love story Amber (Leah Lewis) creature of fire and Wade (Mamoudou Ati), one of the water, is an occasion to delve into adult themes. From the fear of loneliness, discrimination to the difficult process of emigration.

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Everything comes together in Pixar’s imagined city, where the creatures that give life to the elements of nature live a complex coexistence. The plot, without losing sight of the fact that this is ultimately a story for children, or at least that is its main audience, delves into the above between jokes. But in its harshest moments, the anime shows the consequences of hatred and prejudice through subtle criticism.

But one more interesting thing about Peter Sohn’s feature film: is to use a fantastical historical backdrop to tell stories about very human conflicts.. From which it sometimes follows that the allegory of relationships between very different people is described in a bitter form. Elemental City, welcomes entities that must ensure that their relationships do not upset the balance of the order around them. Therefore, people on land must learn about their neighbors living on the water or in the air. All in order to prevent a disaster or serious inconvenience from occurring.

Relationships that defy danger

However, it is fire creatures that face the greatest disadvantages. They are feared not only because of their physical properties, which can be destructive, but also because they are completely different from the rest. The community of firemen is located in a secluded area. In fact, they do not interact with their neighbors and there are often rumors about the danger they pose that cause mistrust. What makes a relationship Wade And Amberin a lesson in tolerance, but also growth and patience.

Both of them, belonging to opposing tribes and may even pose a mutual danger, also symbolize something else. The concept of guessing what is unknown in other people must be respected, even though it may seem difficult. Little by little the thought came that the people of fire, to whom Amber, who moved to the city and needs to integrate into the latter, will become the center of the plot. However, the script avoids making this obvious, so it uses the central romance, showing all aspects of this process.

Wade, who does not fully know the people of fire and has only heard rumors about them, must make an effort to overcome his prejudices. But it’s much harder to understand that discrimination is part of how he understands the creatures around him. elementary He seeks to detail how the city is all about coexistence, risking its safety amid the differences of its citizens. Thus, the film emphasizes the possibility of mutual acceptance and tolerance to ensure the safety of all.

Beautiful images that say something deeper

Elemental City This is perhaps one of the most beautiful films Pixar has made based on any of their stories. The visual work is top notch even by the studio’s high standards. With bright blue skies, glass buildings and abundant vegetation, this place is as close to an urban paradise as it gets. But it is also a symbol. Beauty is born from the ability of all its inhabitants not to destroy what is in it.

Elementary, Disney+

Fire creatures require effort to avoid causing damage. His proximity not only burns, but can also evaporate or crystallize those around him. But the same can be said about the rest of the inhabitants of this place.

Citizens of land must be careful in their dealings with citizens of water, and the latter with the air. However, they are the ones who are capable of burning and suffer from prejudices, superstitions and rumors. Precisely because no one fully understands the scale of its nature.

Kindness and recognition of society

So Amber and his family are forced to live in the poorest areas of the city, with their own customs and habits. No one visits them, and they do not communicate with anyone except their close friends. The burning tribe even has its own language.

Elementary, Disney+
Amber Lumen (Leah Lewis) and Wade Ripple (Mamoudou Athie), stars of Pixar’s The Elemental.

What makes your connection with Wade (who never took a single step without his family’s approval) is a metaphor for acceptance. At the same time, the need to build bridges between fundamentally different beings. Ultimately, the conclusion of this risky romance is a fitting representation of the common good and how to achieve it.

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elementary“, is probably one of the most sensitive to the topic of prejudice and rejection of films in Pixar history. This is shown in some of the most touching scenes in which he pays tribute to the sense of community and forgiveness. The film is also a kind of lesson about the possibility of understanding differences through empathy. One of the moments that provided him with unexpected successdespite its initial failure.

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