Mayor of Rionegro (Antioquia) Rodrigo HernándezThe main hypothesis that would explain the powerful explosion at noon on Monday, September 18th emerged. It appeared at 10:15 in the morning in the Alto de la Capilla neighborhood.

(We invite you to read: One person died and 22 were injured in an explosion at a house in Rionegro, Antioquia).

The emergency situation that frightened the residents of the region and the surrounding area, caused the death of one person and the injury of at least 22 peopleAccording to the latest information provided by the authorities.

Local leader announced It was reported that the explosion was due to the alleged use of gunpowder in one of the houses.It affected nearby buildings and public parking.

“An investigation process will need to proceed to clarify who the individuals here are, why they did this, whether it was illegal or how they did it. Handling or selling of gunpowder cannot be done inside the home.“said the local leader.

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Colonel Carlos Martínez, commander of the Antioquia Police, assured that an initial verification of firefighters and the National Police will be made. realizes this is an illegal storage area gunpowder.

(Also: This is also how the alleged killer of Alexis Gómez, who disappeared in the 13th commune of Medellín, was killed).

“The explosion occurred as a result of an act of sympathy that caused the stored gunpowder to activate,” the police officer said. no history or notes of corrective actions are recorded in the house where the events took place.

More than 50 uniformed members of the National Police, 20 firefighters, 15 traffic wardens, Army, Air Force and Civil Defense personnel rushed to the emergency site to respond to the explosion.

“Seems like, Another site confirmed where more explosives may be found“, Hernández added, which is why the protection perimeter has been expanded.


HE The number of affected vehicles has not yet been determined by authorities Because verification efforts are ongoing to confirm that there is no gunpowder in the environment. After these studies are completed, the final census will begin.

As for housing; It was determined that five houses were completely destroyed. Disaster risk management officials also evaluate other buildings in the sector and assess the damage.

Antioquia Governor Aníbal Gaviria thanked residents for their interest in evacuation measures, while the National Police and fire teams continue their work to verify the cordon.

“I call on citizens not only in Rionegro, but also in other municipalities of Antioquia, to report the presence of gunpowder everywhere.”. However, we see that this secret presence can have such painful consequences.“said the section leader.

municipal government Assessing damage around the home to determine the needs of affected families. “The issue of self-hosting with family members or making space at the stadium will be considered,” the mayor’s office said. said.

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A psychosocial care team from the mayor’s office has been deployed to the sector to provide support to people who are frightened by what is happening.

The Comprehensive Animal Welfare Center Ceiba also conducted an assessment of eleven animals that left the explosion site with their guardians. Among the missing pets, a cat covered in gunpowder and with some wounds was found and sent to a local veterinarian.

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