During Meta Connect, Mark Zuckerberg has finally confirmed when Xbox Cloud Gaming will be coming to Meta Quest. Although Microsoft’s cloud gaming service for virtual reality headsets was announced almost a year ago, there has never been any real news about it. Up to this day.

The CEO of the Menlo Park company himself said that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available in Meta Quest. starting from December. Unfortunately, a specific date has not yet been announced. But at least we know that the platform will be available in the last weeks of this year.

“You’ll be able to play hundreds of Xbox games, including games like Halo, mine craft And Elder Scrolls. And you can do it on a giant screen, no matter where you are,” Zuckerberg said during the event.

In addition to announcing that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, or the new Quest 3 before the end of 2023, details remain scarce. There is additional information in the fine print of the official announcement that is worth commenting on.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Meta Quest in December

It’s obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning: To access Xbox Cloud Gaming, users will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It’s also important to note that cloud gaming cannot be played using Meta Quest controls, but will require an Xbox controller. Something that shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point.

However, what raises some questions is the availability of the service. The meta indicates that it will be available in “selected regions”. This suggests that the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta Quest will not be global, at least from day one.

Perhaps most concerning though is the following notice: “Streaming restrictions apply.” Meta hasn’t provided any further details on this, but it could mean that gameplay is locked to a specific resolution or number of frames per seconddepending on the features headset what is used.

There was also no time for demonstrations during the announcement on stage. only a short clip could be seen Halo worked on the Meta Quest 3 while Mark Zuckerberg talked about the features of his new mixed reality headset. For its part, Microsoft has not made any new mentions on this matter.

Let us remind you that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not the only Redmond service that will be integrated into Meta Quest. Also in 2022, the company announced immersive experiences. Office, Windows 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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