A. amazing accidentThe accident, involving a taxi, two Sitp buses, a TransMilenio feeder and a truck, occurred on the morning of Tuesday, October 3, on Boyacá Boulevard, in the south-north direction of the road, at the height of the race. 39c.

As seen in the video at that moment, Multiple crashes mainly affected the smallest vehicle: the taxi.

The car was positioned almost between a Sitp bus and a feeder.

Two injuries have been reported so far. According to initial reports, there is no serious situation.

According to the statements of citizens at the scene of the accident, it is understood that the accident occurred due to the short distance traveled by the transit vehicles.

TransMilenio regretted what happened through its communication channels.

“The incident was reported at around 10:00 on Tuesday, October 3, at Carrera 39 south on Avenida Boyacá. Identification of the reasons is subject to review by traffic authorities.“, showed presence.

“When the accident occurred, TransMilenio activated the care protocol by traffic authorities and ambulances to care for the injured,” he said.


Source: Exame

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