Since its debut in the 1970s, Arcade machine has become an iconic symbol of interactive entertainment and an endless source of entertainment for generations of gamers around the world.

Despite technological advances and the proliferation of video games on consoles and mobile devices, the Arcade machine remains an inevitable element in the world of entertainment. It maintains its special place in the hearts of fans of all ages..


According to the ‘very technological’ web portal, Arcade is a genre of video games with simple controls designed for short and highly entertaining games.. Its origins go back to arcade machines found in places such as bars, restaurants and game rooms.

Arcade games are characterized by their focus on the fun and enjoyment of the player rather than the quality of graphics. Often presenting imaginary game scenariosAlthough there have been recent developments in this direction.

These games have the ability to keep players engaged and push them to try again and again if they don’t win.

Moreover, Arcade games are common on mobile devices and tabletsbecause they are well suited to the single-player gaming experience that these devices offer.

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MadLab at La Torre Outlet in Zaragoza, SpainIt reached an unprecedented milestone in the entertainment world by breaking the Guinness Record as the world’s largest arcade machine.

MadLab brought to life a gigantic arcade machine in collaboration with another company of the group, ‘MYLideas’. 5 meters height.

This machine is located at the MadLab facilities located in the La Torre Outlet fashion complex. Zaragoza.

But what’s truly amazing is that it’s not just a work of visual art, it’s also home to one of the most beloved video games of all time: TETRIS®. Moreover, anyone in the world who wants to experience this unique experience just needs to collect a huge amount of money from the reception of the entertainment center.

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With this record, MadLab adds another achievement to its already extensive offering of official experiences from iconic brands:SuperThings’, ‘The Smurfs’, ‘CSI’, ‘Narcos’, ‘Arizona Sunshine’ or ‘Ghost Patrol’.

Among these options, popular escape rooms, immersive experiences, laser games and virtual reality, designed for the whole family, groups of friends and even companies, stand out.

MadLab has become a must-see in Zaragoza for those looking for a unique adventure in the world of entertainment.

The height record set by this huge machine December 18, 2021. Previously, that title belonged to engineer Jason Cranberries, whose 14-foot-tall arcade machine houses more than 200 classic video games, including the legendary Pac-Man.


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