Online recruitment service launched a “Career Marketplace” offering job seekers the services of professional mentors, consultants and psychologists. This was reported by the platform’s press service. launched “Career Motherplace” with the services of mentors, consultants and psychologists

The mentors were representatives of various sectors with extensive experience. These are mainly people who work in large important companies. They will tell you how to advance in this area and how to get into this or that team.

Mentors will tell you how to create an attractive resume and give you advice before the interview. Additionally, such mentors will point out missing skills and advise ways to master them.

Professional consultants are human resources specialists who can be used to solve a wide range of problems. They will tell you about their packaging experience, advise you on how to solve difficult situations at work and help you choose a new career.

Professional psychologists provide assistance with conflicts at work, help prevent burnout or cope with it if it has already happened.

Additionally, applicants can use the platform to solve individual problems. The platform itself will select the appropriate specialist.

According to Olga Dmitrieva, director of the Career Marketplace product, the service carefully vets all experts and selects those who have consulting experience.

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Previously, offered IT specialists a skills calculator in which they could estimate their real “value” on the labor market.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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