On October 10 of this year, Sony and PlayStation announced the new PS5 Slim, a smaller version of the PS5 that will be released this December. According to his publication: “The size of this console has been reduced by 30% and its weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models“.


When fans of the brand saw the announcement, they remembered that the PS4 followed the same path almost a decade ago: first they released the original, then the PS4 Slim, and finally the PS4 Pro. Does this mean PS5 Pro is coming soon?

Tech experts were able to investigate the matter, and Paul Eccleston, known as one of the most reliable sources of leaks in the video game industry, explained the following on his YouTube channel ‘RedGamingTech’: Not only will the PS5 Pro be real, it also promises to be a ‘monster’.

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Eccleston said rumors indicate the console will likely feature an APU called ‘Viola’ with an x86-64-AMD Ryzen ‘Zen 2’ CPU. Additionally, it will have an AMD Radeon RDNA 3 GPU with 60 compute units, 30 of which WGP can be active.

Specialist portal ‘HD Tecnología’ explains that WGP is a processing unit within the GPU that performs the task of performing advanced calculations to process graphics and perform operations specific to games that require the most computing power. In contrast, WGP is not enabled on the original PS5.

Additionally, the PS5 Pro will have a significant increase in memory, with 16GB of GDDR6 memory and some more DDR5 memory, but this latest information reveals some inconsistencies.

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However, the YouTuber was surprised that his sources stated that it is possible for the new console to use a 6-nanometer APU manufacturing process instead of 5nm like the original 5 and Slim; This does not mean that there is no significant decrease. energy and heat use.

In conclusion, According to Eccleston, the PS5 Pro will offer a huge improvement in terms of power and computing capacity, undoubtedly making it one of the most powerful video game consoles on the market.. However, it is also worth noting that this information is based on leaks and rumors and is not confirmed by Sony.


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