Accompanying your morning coffee, tea or mate with freshly prepared toast may seem very ordinary. However, this new device promises to make it a little more exciting. If you are a fan of video games, or more specifically Xbox. We’re talking about an electric toaster in the shape of the Xbox Series S..

Walmart began selling this peculiar artifact on its online store, and it quickly gained everyone’s attention. It’s safe to say that the Xbox Series S toaster is another meme come true, and it’s on the same level as the Xbox Series X mini-fridge we were introduced to in 2021.

At the moment, everything indicates that the above-mentioned store only offers this peculiar toaster in the United States. The device has a design identical to the Xbox Series S, with a distinctive black circular vent. His price? Some mods $39.99.

What’s interesting is that this isn’t the first time an Xbox Series S toaster has surfaced. In March 2023, French user X (Twitter) revealed its main characteristics through the intended promotional image. He even mentioned that his reserve price would be around 60 euros, but there was no further news about that.

With the launch of the device in the United States, it became possible to make it available in other territories. In France, for example, it is sold through Micromania-Zing for 39.99 eurosand in Spain it is already included in the GAME catalog, in exchange for 34.99 euros.

Xbox Series S toaster – which became a meme

When Microsoft announced the Xbox Series. In the case of the Xbox Series S toaster, exactly the same thing happens. After all, if you remove the black circle simulating a ventilation grille, Looks like a regular electric toaster..

It’s clear that Microsoft won’t become an even bigger millionaire selling toasters, but it’s a good marketing strategy for promoting the Xbox Series S. The cheapest Redmond console is far from the most popular among gamers and has become the source of the ire of many video game developers. Let’s not forget that studios are required to release their games on both Series X and Series S, which causes protests because it forces them to limit performance this.

Actually, Baldur’s Gate 3, Game of the Year at the 2023 Game Awards, faced a number of problems when adapting to the Xbox Series S. To the point that Larian Studios had to eliminate local co-op mode on that console because it was impossible to get it to work. But let’s not deviate too much from what concerns us in this case.

Coming back to the Xbox Series S toaster, it has many features that we can find in any other device of this type. We are talking about 6 different browning levels, LED timer, 4 use modes, automatic centering, defrost mode and a removable crumb tray. However, its most notable feature is that you can toast the Xbox logo on your bread.

Here is a product for the majority of fans hardcore, Without a doubt. Although it is worth saying that this is not the first time that a “toaster gamesenters the market. In 2021, Bungie released a similar device based on Fatebut with the peculiarity that its sale pursued charitable purposes.

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