Steam is a video game creation company that even broke its own record in 2023 by creating and releasing more than 14,099 video games that even the most novice gamers can enjoy. It is not possible to play 365 days a year.

The number of games is increasing every year as Steam has more than 12,000 games on the market in 2022, and it looks like this year’s increase will also be surpassed because they have launched more than 46 jobs just four days before 2024.

Steam Direct was launched in 2017 and is one of the main reasons why the catalog has grown significantly as developers have been waiting for the opportunity to announce their projects.

To give you an idea of ​​what a fan needs to play to try out all the video games on Steam, This platform did the math, determining that there would be 40 games per day, 279 games per week, and 1,210 games per month. and even then I couldn’t try all the video games.

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Valve published the list of best-selling games in 2023; these include:

Likewise, on the special portal called ‘Hobby consoles’, it is stated that 2023 is one of the best in the history of video games in terms of release.


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Source: Exame

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