Popular video game ‘Call of Duty’ has intensified its fight against cheating by integrating a new function into its Ricochet anti-cheat system.

This technological advancement Identify players using aim assist when playing with mouse and keyboardA tool originally designed for gamers using gamepads or controllers.


Aim assist is a common feature in first- and third-person shooter (FPS and TPS) games that makes it easier for players to aim at opponents.

This assistance is mainly aimed at For those who play with controllersbecause working with a ‘joystick’ offers more significant movement limitations than with a mouse and keyboard.

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Ricochet, the Activision Blizzard series’ anti-cheat system, has been active since late 2021. More than 48 thousand accounts blocked due to fraudulent gambling practices.

New features announced include: ‘damage shield’Disables cheaters’ ability to damage other players, leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire. Also, it was introduced ‘hiding’A technique that makes opponents invisible, including their characters, projectiles, and sounds, against cheating players.

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Recently, developers are now aware that security systems are now also Detect the use of mouse and keyboard targeting aids.

If you detect this trap, ‘Call Of Duty’ application will close automatically, as described on X profiles (formerly Twitter). Although they did not specify the nature of these sanctions, they warned that repeated use of these tools could lead to “new disciplinary actions” on user accounts.

This security measure will be applied to many titles in the saga: ‘‘Call of Duty Warzone’, ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’ and ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’. With these actions, the company strengthens its commitment to guaranteeing a fair and equitable gaming experience for all its users.

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