It’s very common right now to see couples falling in love and meeting on the internet. Sometimes this love transcends the screen to meet face to face. But this first encounter doesn’t always go as planned.

A video of a young woman waiting for her boyfriend, whom she met online, went viral on the TikTok social network. Again, At the first meeting, neither of them knew each other, and it took them a while to realize that it was theirs.

This recording was posted on the profile of a young Mexican woman named Iris. She had met a stranger named ‘Fede’ through social networks. They had a long distance relationship for months until they finally decided to meet in Guadalajara.

In the trailer he uploaded to social networks It was seen that the young woman was at the airport with balloons in her hand and was quite excited as she was going to meet her husband for the first time. But when he saw that she wasn’t coming, he started to get angry.

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“When Fede passed by, he didn’t see me and I couldn’t distinguish him by the mask (…) but before he came I gave my phone to some young women from Chihuahua and they gave it to me with the clues I had, they told us, they helped us find us,” the young woman admitted. .

In another video, Iris said that one of the possible reasons why they didn’t know each other was because they were so nervous.


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