mario may be considered the most popular video game character Many generations around the world have grown up navigating their worlds, overcoming obstacles and completing missions that lead to victory.

Nintendo CompanyThe company that owns this game is preparing to release the ‘remake’ of the game donkey kong vs mario It got many people excited for 2024.


It appears on the company’s website that the day it will be publicly announced will be on the following dates: 16 February and will cost 273,800 Colombian pesos.

Donkey Kong stole all the ‘Mini Marios’ from the toy factory and now Mario needs to get them back! Jump, run and back-dive your way through over 130 levels in your quest to get them back in this fun take on the classic action platformer.” is Nintendo’s message inviting you to play this classic.

Likewise, remember:The rivalry was originally born on the Game Boy Advance console.“and it’s returning to the Nintendo Switch console this year”with a new co-op mode, new worlds, updated music and graphics, and new ways to play”.

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Some fans have already had this opportunity. try the first levels of the video game They revealed their good expectations and some important gameplay data before the official release.

The gameplay consists of Mario having to pass different levels to save each one.Mini Marios‘ HE donkey kong stole from the toy factory

Lives can be increased along the way You must also get the golden keys by catching green mushrooms. opening chests full of surprises and of course rescuing the ‘Mini Marios’ to complete the level.

During the tour, Mario will be able to jump, crouch and grab objectsand even juggle as the player wishes.

At the end of each level, you will have to use everything you have learned to face it. donkey kong In fights where barrels must be thrown at him until he is defeated.

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