On social networks and websites focused on the world of ‘gaming’, such as ‘XboxEra’, you are probably Microsoft will put aside exclusivity with video games and will share them PlayStation 5.

Among the games that will become multi-platform, the following were discussed: star fieldAn epic space RPG developed by Bethesda Game StudiosCreators of the ‘Fallout’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls’ epics.


Also talked about indiana jonesNew action and adventure game developed by ‘MachineGames’, responsible for the ‘Wolfenstein’ series.

We understand this now Microsoft plans to release a ‘Starfield’ on PlayStation 5, following the previously announced ‘Shattered Space’ expansion for Xbox and PCIt will be released later this year. It was also said that Microsoft was investing additionally in PS5 development ‘kits’ to support ongoing efforts.” said Jez Corden alongside ‘Rand buy Thor 19’ for the ‘XboxEra’ and ‘Windows Central’ websites.

worth mentioning Jez Corden He is the editor-in-chief of ‘Windows Central’ and is known for his knowledge of Microsoft and Xbox.

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On his own behalf,’Rand to Thor 19‘ is an Xbox-focused YouTuber and host of the ‘Xbox Two’ podcast, which covers all things Xbox updates.

Now, Sony, responsible for Microsoft’s Xbox dreams and PlayStation, did not comment on the issueSo what is said above are just speculations made on the internet.

Likewise, there are those who believe that this decision is so. xbox games Forget about being privileged, it would be like this because the PS audience would be wider and they would have the opportunity to benefit from it.

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