Lately, A woman in Argentina claimed to have seen a UFO while traveling along the San Pedro de Colalao route. One of the most touristic places in the Tucamán region of Argentina.

The photos were taken by Rina Valle Juárez, who saw an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying over the skies of San Pedro around 8 a.m.

“She was driving with her husband along RP 311 near the Zárate junction. “In the skies of our beloved San Pedro, an unidentified flying object descending towards the mountains was able to observe what appears to be a #UFO,” they wrote in a post on the Facebook account of the Commune of San Pedro de Colalao.

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In the middle of ‘Chronicle’, The woman said she took out her mobile phone to take photos of the birds, but suddenly saw a dark spot in the sky. Thinking it was a black bird, he continued taking photos, but when he looked at the images, he realized the bird had a different shape.

I wasn’t afraid at that moment, but when I came home and saw the photos, I was really surprised. Everything is very clear in the images. “This had a huge impact because I told this to the municipality delegate,” he added, and continued: “We saw this oval in the air for 3 minutes and then it disappeared.”

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Meanwhile, in the comments to her Facebook post, the woman revealed more details about her experience. “It was an incredible thing that impressed me even more as I enlarged and examined each photo,” she explained.

Finally, he commented: “Even more in the last photo I took. The ship was spotted and I kept looking up and saw three more black dots, later when I zoomed in a little I saw it, it looked like a square and two circles. “The truth is, I’m always surprised by what happened to me and my husband René.”

As expected, the post went viral on the social network and some Internet users were surprised to see the images. However, other users doubted whether the photos were real or not.


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