According to the Census Bureau, there are approximately 62.1 million Hispanics/Latinos in the United States, which is 18.7 percent of the total population. An interesting fact is that ten years ago this percentage was 16.3 percent.

As another part of this vast country, to which they contribute with effort and enthusiasm, one of the most important decisions for every day is a phone that will allow them to always stay in touch, both with their families and with friends who live in the United States. United States, as with those who remained in their countries of origin. Every Hispanic/Latino knows that everything is achieved with a lot of effort and for this reason, the best options or suggestions are welcome on everything, including their mobile networks.


“For Verizon, the Hispanic consumer and family is a priority,” said Arturo Picci. Vice President of Consumer Segment Marketing from Verizon. “We understand that you want to get exactly what you want and only pay for what you need. They want more control, flexibility and transparency. myPlan meets these needs as a first-of-its-kind personalized plan.”

And therefore, is it necessary to pay for services that we use little or do not use at all? On paper, the offers always look attractive, but that’s not why we have to pay for services that we don’t really need.

“Now the consumer decides what is included in his plan and what is excluded. And they themselves choose when and how to change, adapting to their needs.”

How it works?

unlimited reception starts at just $25 per line per month (Unlimited Plus for $30) when you subscribe to unlimited reception with four or more lines at a discount of $10/line for automatic payment plus taxes and fees.

First, select the unlimited network option. Choose between unlimited reception with fast and reliable 5G; or UnlimitedPlus with 5G ultra-wideband, the fastest 5G ever, 30GB of premium mobile hotspot data, and up to 50% off your watch, tablet, Hum hotspot, or data plan. Plus, for a limited time, the price you pay for the monthly Unlimited Plus plan will be guaranteed for three years.


You get it all on America’s trusted 5G network, which has the power to bring incredible networking experiences to more customers. Unlike other plans, Unlimited Plus has no smartphone data limits, so it will never slow down your data or deprioritize it.

After choosing a plan, choose your favorite content and benefits. And we’re talking about “benefits” here, because for just $10 a month, you’ll save on what you would normally spend on hiring a separate service. It is so simple.

Verizon my plan

This is a plan that suits everyone, especially those who come to this country to work hard to achieve their dreams. The Spaniard knows that no one gives anything away, and for the same reason he wants to pay for what he really needs. No more no less.

Arturo Picci Verizon

Picicci was clear: “You don’t have to pay more to have the best unlimited data plan that transfers data 10 times faster than LTE without slowing you down. With other providers, you will have to pay more to get the same quality of connection and all the features that many Latin Americans do not need.

But a good network for communication is only part of our needs. Nowadays, our cell phones are not only useful for making calls and sending text messages: they are an extension of our own lives, a major part of our work, as well as our entertainment.

“At Verizon myPlan, we offer 9 benefits that the customer can change at any time. For example: you might need an Apple One, Walmart+ and 100GB hotspot data, but your partner might need a Disney+ package and a 3-day/month pass. Everyone can set up their own plan, so every person or family member gets what they want and, most importantly, everyone saves.”

But the benefits don’t end there. If you choose the +play benefit, you can take Netflix with you or add ViX+., and get $15 monthly credits for $10 in your account. You can use credits to pay for a subscription.


As you can see, a Hispanic family can benefit a lot from my plan, but the benefits go beyond borders: “In addition to offering the best roaming in Mexico, our plans include calls, texts and data for Mexico and Canada. We offer 2 GB per day, which equates to 30 GB of high-speed data per month. Unlimited calls and texts to Mexico and Canada are also included when you’re in the US.”

“It’s very important to Verizon to be able to offer the Hispanic consumer the best Spanish language experience, whether in our stores, online or over the phone.”

Set up your own myPlan now!

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