IN Ferrari Michael Mann: Muscle cars are everything. Particularly when Enzo (Adam Driver) decides to fight with every resource available to him to build the family business that bears his name.. It won’t be easy – all of Europe was still suffering from the ravages of the recently ended World War II – but the effort includes a focal point. Show that Ferrari is also about high technology on the race track. Beyond its iconic brand, Enzo will fight to demonstrate the power of technology created in its workshops and facilities to make motorsport history. This is one of the most important films of the year.

Michael Mann’s film is more than just a biography, adding interest and detail to what surrounded the last of the Ferraris. In fact, it is the latest iteration of a distinct sub-genre that explores how motorsports has shaped modern history. Beyond the great races, it is also a careful examination of our culture’s ambitions to show the power of its technological creations. Moreover, the union of man and machine in often decisive and even emotional situations.

We leave you with five films that you can watch right now if you liked Ferrari. From the classic racer returning to the big screen to the reinvention of a children’s icon filled with psychedelic fantasy. The selection covers the best of the genre and presents a unique look at the connection of our time with technological advances.

Le Mans ’66

James Mangold took one of the greatest races in motorsports and turned it into west sober tone and elegant visual section. Moreover, it is a tribute to automotive evolution, a source of pride for North America. The result is an interesting exploration of the sixties. looked at the brilliance of the auto industry and some of its protagonists.

Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) is faced with a difficult mission: to develop a new car that can defeat the Ferrari team. In particular, on the territory of the latter, on the important Le Mans circuit, considered one of the most difficult and prestigious in the world. But something like this will require more than good intentions, so the character will have to face all sorts of obstacles. Moreover, when you discover that to achieve success you will have to take risks, both off the court and on it.

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Which leads him to work alongside Ken Miles (Christian Bale), a driver who isn’t afraid to take risks and will do it as long as it’s worth it. With its wide and nostalgic landscapes, with its representation of the chains of human and An exciting script, the film is ideal for those who love the automotive world.

Le Mans ’66 available on Disney+.

Gran Turismo: from gamer to racer

Video game franchise Digital polyphony, came to cinema from a curious point of view. This is the true story of Ian Mardenborough, a driver whose career began through his experience in video games. Neill Blomkamp’s film tells how a very young player managed to find a way to connect both worlds. All thanks to the initiative Nimmotorsports division Nissan.

Yann (Archie Madekwe) will be chosen in the middle of what begins as an experiment with users selected from around the world to compete on a real track. But the publicity stunt morphs into a mature and often harsh look at the demands of the slopes. Much more when a young driver must understand that his passion for speed This is just a prelude to a long journey through a complex profession.

For a thrilling finale featuring real footage Jann Mardenborough, it is obvious that the film is much more interested in the human than in the mechanical. Its most valuable element and what makes it a fun exploration. about adventures behind the wheel.

Gran Turismo is not available for streaming.


This film is another successful experiment by Nicolas Winding Refn. With one character and virtually few shots, the plot starring Ryan Gosling might seem unappealing. But actually, the tension this idea creates, including silent pursuits and death threats, is disconcerting. Moreover, it turns the film into a kind of analyze the road history, which is more sinister than one might expect.

The nameless driver who plays the main role in the story must avoid death after breaking his strict rules to remain undetected. So he must confront a criminal gang and protect the woman he loves and her son in the midst of a brutal siege that could prove fatal. However, the director is much more interested in – and demonstrates this – the ability of the car to be a private and limited space. A forced intimacy that the film uses as a backdrop again and again.

In the final stretch, when Gosling’s anonymous character faces certain death, the film clarifies the backstory. The criminal world will always be obsessed with revenge. But more than that, with the secrets that the most complex characters keep. The point that Drive leads to a new dimension.

Gran Turismo is not available for subscription streaming, but can only be rented.

Thunder days

The late director Tony Scott gave Tom Cruise some of his best roles. One of them, “Cole Trickle,” in which the actor was able to show his considerable charisma in the service of one of his controversial and courageous characters. But if in Top Gun: Passion and GloryMaverick was a man full of courage and vitality, Cole could be his dark opposite. Hence Thunder daysWhile it is an exploration of the world of racing, it is also a story of disappointment and redemption.

Specifically, focusing on how a former favorite NASCAR driver must face the possibility of defeat. Robert Towne’s script (based on an idea by Cruise himself) then explores the fear of failure and impatience for success. But in particular he seeks to show how Cole will face the darkest places in his life to find inner peace.

This may seem like too much of a premise for a motorsports film, but Scott finds a balance between interests. On the one hand, emotions and the constant search for success. On the other hand, the maturity of a competitor who has managed to understand its weaknesses. The biggest hit of the film.

Days of Thunder is available on Movistar and Sky.


The Wachowski sisters took the famous children’s cartoon to create a strange combination of psychedelic visuals and a coming-of-age story. The result is a tribute to the character of Tatsuo Yoshida, played by Emile Hirsch. and a visual experience that surprised in its risk-taking.

But we are talking about the filmmakers who invented the Matrix universe, so the way they narrate the adventures of the famous anime is not surprising. And although the film failed at the box office and received lukewarm reviews, over time it became a hooligan classic for fans of the main character.The greatest triumph of an idea ahead of its time.

Speed ​​Racer is not available for subscription streaming, only in rentals.

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