It became Netflix On one of the most popular streaming platforms, inspiring other companies like Disney To present its own movie and TV series catalog with digital applications.

But, The platform not only offers audiovisual entertainment to its millions of usersHe also entered the ‘gamer’ wave with the ‘Netflix Games’ section.


When entering the application a mobile phone or tabletYou can see that there is ‘ in the middle of the categoriesmobile games‘.

They find it there More than 90 video game titles From the simplest to the most complex, like the ones in ‘GTA’.

Any user on the Netflix website You can enjoy these games without ads, additional fees and in-app purchases..

All you need is an active streaming subscription and installing the app on your phone or tablet. Android, iOS, iPad or iPod touch.

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An important statement made by Netflix is ​​as follows: Games are not available on children’s profilesThey also have age ratings so you can keep in mind which ones are suitable for your family members.

You must save the games you want to buy in your broadcast platform profile. and the points you accumulate will be saved in the cloud or locally on the device.

Just like downloaded TV series and movies, it is possible to play on more than one device with the same account. We will notify you if you reach the device limit. Sign out of unused devices to free up space” is added to the website.

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