Sony is about to enter the gaming headset market, having gained some experience with headset from PlayStation. A few hours ago, Tom Henderson, famous a leak video games, announced that the Japanese are preparing three gaming headphones. The new family responds to the name sony inson and, apparently, it will be officially presented next week.

However, the web 91Mobile phonesin collaboration with others a leak widely recognized in the world of mobile devices, ‌@OnLeaksfiltered out first images of three Sony Inzone models. These devices will vary in price and performance. Of course, in each of us we can appreciate the colors that remind us of the PlayStation 5.

According to Tom Henderson, Sony Inzone headphones will be complemented by a pair gaming monitors belonging to the same family. The most basic will have permission 1080p and update rate to 240 Hzand the second will reach 4K and 144 Hz. They will be able to automatically adjust the image depending on the environment. In addition, it would be possible to display the number of FPS and game time on the screen.

In both cases, they will be prompted exclusive features for PlayStation consoles; including HDR tone mapping and automatic picture mode switching.

Perhaps Sony will use the presentation of the Inzone product family to announce the long-awaited DualSense Pro, a PS5 controller variant aimed at professional gamers. short stroke triggers, grips interchangeability and even the possibility of changing joystick – presumably also its internal mechanism – may be one of its characteristics.

Source: Hiper Textual

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