This has been believed among the public for decades ‘Words have power’ and more if the topic is related to these sung in different settings of romantic relationships and as a pair, because some phrases can trigger the beginning or end of a connection.

Maintaining a romantic relationship is a task that requires great challenges, including maintaining good communication. doctor recently Cortney S. Warren, psychologist trained at Harvard Medical School It revealed some statements that could destroy personal relationships.

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Romantic and relationship relations expert guarantees that: Good communication can help prevent fights or conflicts from occurring.Problems that may affect the environment and, on the contrary, can be solved with maturity and openness.

For the expert, not communicating well and constantly fighting may be signs that something is not right in the romantic relationship.

Relationship expert Dr. Cortney S. Warren notes: There are a number of idioms and expressions that damage relationships and after several years of research, they managed to show that there is something specific that can end marriages, dating, among others.

According to the expert, the statement that can ruin a building that has been built for months or even years is as follows: “I wish we had never met”This statement can be so hurtful that it could mean the end of many relationships, so it provides reassuranceDr. In Cortney S. Warren’s book ‘Breaking Up with Your Ex‘, She has been working in couples therapy for over 20 years.

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Likewise, the relationship expert assures that there is a list of expressions that can cause the breakdown of relationships and they are related to the contempt that can be shown to the partner, these are:

It is worth noting that not only words can end relationships and coexistence, but there are also some non-verbal language actions that create a bad atmosphere in a relationship. The psychologist notes that rolling your eyes dramatically is one of them. signs of contempt.


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