Good news for enthusiasts games and virtual reality. Sony has confirmed that it is working on providing official support for the game on PC using PlayStation VR2.. A very important new product, as it will expand the possibilities headset outside of PS5.

PlayStation has confirmed on its official blog that very soon, players will no longer be limited to using a virtual reality headset on the current generation console. Details about PlayStation VR2 support on PC are still scarce, but this is a nice decision on the part of the Japanese.

While no specific dates were given, Sony has confirmed that it intends to include the feature. this year. By providing compatibility beyond the PS5, the company could try to boost sales of a device that has so far remained largely unnoticed by the market.

“We are pleased to inform you that we are currently testing the ability for PlayStation VR2 players to access additional games on PC, to offer an even greater variety of games in addition to […] available via PS5. We expect this support to be available in 2024, so stay tuned for updates,” Sony said.

PlayStation VR2 will finally receive official PC support

Official support for PlayStation VR2 on PC has been announced, as well as games coming soon to the virtual reality headset. The ability to use the device outside of the PS5 is something the public has been clamoring for from Sony since its launch.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation VR2 can currently be connected to a computer, but it is not optimized for gaming. The only thing you can do is use headset as a kind of additional monitorwhich also doesn’t make much sense, given the characteristics of the gadget.

This change in Sony’s strategy is significant. When the company released PlayStation VR2, it made it clear that it was designed solely to take the PS5 gaming experience to the next level. However, the commercial characteristics of the device turned out to be very far from the desired ones.

PlayStation VR2 appeared on the market exactly a year ago, on February 22, 2023. In accordance with GamerJapanese In the first 6 weeks they only sold 600,000 units., against the originally planned 2 million. And while the marketing has improved over time, PS VR2 hasn’t been a huge success.

Although the manufacturer claims to have a very extensive catalog of games for its virtual reality headset, it has not attracted the public. One of the biggest criticisms of the PlayStation VR2 was its price.. The device was released for 599.99 euros – 649.99 euros in bunch With Horizon Call of the Mountain— and has remained on these values ​​ever since.

Could official PC support give a new impetus to its sales? We’ll have to wait to get more information on this. Specifically, whether its compatibility will be limited to specific games or whether it can be used with any VR-enabled offering.

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