For years, Netflix has planned to produce a live-action film about He-Man and the Lords of the Universe. Especially after the success of some of the animated adaptations of the characters. But, after some time without news, the company streaming canceled the project.

According to a report from DiversityNetflix has invested about $30 million in the He-Man movie. Also an undisclosed amount to actor Kyle Allen, who joined the project in 2022. Also to Adam and Aaron New (lost city), who will act as directors, received an undisclosed amount. But, according to some reports, the preliminary preparation would cost about 60 million dollars before the platform streaming decide to cancel.

A spokesman for Mattel, the company behind the toy line on which the He-Man animated series and the disastrous 1987 film are based. confirmed that Netflix decided to leave the project. He, of course, did not specify whether the production is continuing in another house or is canceled altogether.

Report Diversity ensures that the film live action from He-Man and the Lords of the Universe the total production cost will be about $200 million. Filming was originally scheduled to begin in February 2023. But all plans for the feature film came to a halt when Netflix stock plunged in 2022. Apparently, the streaming platform was unwilling to invest more than $150 million, which is why they ended up canceling.

Relationship between Netflix and He-Man

The relationship between Netflix and He-Man has been pretty healthy as the streaming platform has become fully involved in the franchise through animated series. There are currently three productions available on the platform. Three seasons of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and a sequel created by Kevin Smith, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Both are quite successful.

In addition to the five seasons she-ra on Netflix which works like spin off And reload character. With all the success of animated productions, they are significantly cheaper than making a film.

This will not be the first attempt at adaptation. live action He-Man. Premiered in August 1987 Masters of the Universe, an action film based on the toys and the animated series. It stars Dolph Lundgren (The Man), Frank Langella (Skeletor), John Cypher (Man-at-Arms), Chelsea Field (Teela), Billy Barty (Gwildor) and Courteney Cox. It was an outright critical and box office failure, resulting in the studio canceling all future related projects. Cannon Groupwhich at that time also produced Superman IVanother big failure.

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