GTA Vice City once again caused conversations among millions of players. First for participation in the collection Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition; that even though its launch was full of setbacks, over the course of a few months it got better with updates. Second, because it is assumed that GTA 6 It will be installed in this city. But now all eyes are on unexpected find.

Like many others data miners Internet, youtuber Vadim M was instructed to check the archives Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition hoping to find something interesting beyond what we already know. To his surprise, he found that remastering GTA Vice City hides cutscenes of a “deleted” mission. And I put it in quotes because the files still save resources sequences.

Another interesting point in this story is that the original version GTA Vice City, which was released back in 2002, these scenes are not; that is why in all this time no one has found the remote quest.

What may have happened is that Grove Street Games, the studio responsible for Trilogy – Definitive Edition, got the original source code from GTA Vice City to be able to develop a remaster. The problem is that they forgot to delete those files.

Although we do not have the narrative context of the mission and its cutscenes, in the video shared by Vadim, you can see Tommy Vercetti leaving the cell at the Washington Beach police station. A car driven by a woman is waiting for him outside. Shortly after, however, the shot changes and two subjects can be seen in the Guardian watching the protagonist’s departure.

When Tommy and his partner start the car, the Guardian begins to follow them. The woman, noticing the surveillance, swerves wildly into the street, trying to run them down, but this only causes the beginning full speed chase.

The ending is pretty crazy. Woman and Tommy arrive at the iconic malibu club and the second descends from the vehicle to enter the fence. Cross the dance floor and go up to the second floor to kill the manager of the establishment. We intuitively guessed that the persecutors were actually the administrator’s protectors; who tried to prevent the murder of their employer. Eventually, Vercetti kills them inside the club as well; He returns to the car and runs away to avoid being caught by the police.

Perhaps the most unexpected moment of all is when the woman loses control of the car and crashes, causing it to explode and presumed death of both characters.

Scenes may be part of a fictional movie

youtuber suggests that these scenes may be related to another mission available in GTA Vice City. In particular, when we bought the InterGlobal film studio on Shrimp Island. Shortly after that we worked for a producer Steve Scott performing various tasks. To, it is likely that these episodes refer to a feature film in which Vercetti was the lead actor..

In fact, in the game’s code, they found the following conversation between Tommy Vercetti and Steve Scott:

Steve: Tommy! Listen, I have to ask you a favor.
Tommy: Steve! How is the shooting going?
Steve: Well well. I need a car chase scene, but we don’t have enough budget for it.
Steve: I left several cars at the airport. You will know what to do.
Tommy: Okay, Steve, I’ll be watching. See you later.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games is unlikely to come out to comment on this discovery. Although this is of course a minor detail, it is still interesting that a game with two decades of life, so beloved by millions of players, continues to surprise us with such discoveries. time will tell if GTA 6 will take us back to vice city.

Source: Hiper Textual

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