Three new games coming to Apple Arcade

April will surprise Apple Arcade with three new games

Apple Arcade includes three new games in April

In mid-March, we announced that Apple planned to add great new features to Apple Arcade in April. It is now the streaming game platform of the Cupertino company. three new games now available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and other compatible devices.

These are three new games joining the catalog of the best Apple Arcade games of 2024. The main innovation of this month: Puyo Puyo Puzzle PopA popular SEGA game.

The other two games that will join the platform are as follows: Super Monsters Ate My Apartment And Sago Mini Trips+. We’ll talk about each of them below.

Three new games are coming to Apple Arcade

Apple continues to improve its catalog of Apple Arcade games to deliver the best experiences to its users. There are many major development companies venturing into releasing their games on the platform, and these are three of the latest games to be released.

Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop

SEGA game for Apple Arcade A puzzle-type title in the purest style of Candy Crush Saga. Players have to match pieces of the same color that fall from the top of the screen, just like in Tetris. It also has its own story and multiplayer mode.

Super Monsters Ate My Apartment

This is a crazy and fun game that Apple Arcade players must play. Swipe your finger on the screen to feed super monsters with the floors of a removable building. You need to combine colors to multiply the score and time limit.

Sago Mini Trips+

Finally, the newest game to join the list of Apple Arcade games is Sago Mini Trips+. A game designed for children He is a friendly dog ​​and will teach them values ​​while having fun with his friends.

Apple Arcade is available for: 6.99 euros monthly and an extensive catalog of over 200 exclusive games. Other games coming soon to Apple Arcade during April are Crossy Road Castle and Solitaire Stories, two very nice looking casual games.

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