Microsoft will offer All the Xbox features for those who play in the cloud. The company is testing a user interface that is an exact replica of what we see on the Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, with chats, profiles, achievements and notifications.

The company is providing this opportunity to Xbox Insiders who participate in the Alpha Skip-Ahead program. According to the update notes, This version includes an updated interface with social features. for those who use browsers, the Xbox app for Smart TV and Meta Quest glasses.

Among the new features we find the ability to search and manage contacts, send messages and access your notifications. Players will also be able to view their friends’ profiles and achievements, as well as start group chats outside of games and maintain them between sessions. The latter will only be available online and in meta-quests.

The changes to Xbox Cloud Gaming are obvious when we connect the controller to the computer. Press the Xbox button The guide will open and we will have access to four sections.: home, friends, messages and profile. The first, disabled in the current version, shows your last game, achievements, list of recent games and access to create a group.

New Xbox Cloud Gaming web interface. Image (Tom Warren)
Xbox Cloud Gaming

Groups offer invitation-based restriction features., mute participants or adjust the volume. Group chats persist between games, but you can leave them at any time by selecting the “Leave” option.

Another important innovation in this update is direct access to the user profile in the manual. This displays your profile photo, a status button, and a link to your full profile. Microsoft has also added a controller icon in the top right corner of the overall interface to help configure controls when playing from the browser.

How to Access the New Xbox UI Over the Internet

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To access the new user interface you need to sign up for the Xbox Insider program in the Xbox Insider app and select the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. Once inside, go to and tap your profile picture to enter the Settings menu. This step is important because in order to view the changes, you must enable the View Features option in your account.

It’s worth mentioning that This version of the user interface is currently in testing., so you may encounter errors. The Xbox Insider Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead groups offer features that may take weeks or months to implement. Microsoft uses user feedback to make fixes before releasing a beta or final version.

Another important detail is that Alpha groups are not available upon registration. in the Xbox Insider Program. Depending on how long you’ve been there and your score for reporting bugs, you may receive an invitation to join them. The following groups (or rings) are available in the Insider program:

  • Omega. Open to everyone. Receive system updates that are closest to the final version that will be offered to the public.
  • Delta. Open to Xbox Insiders with 1 month or more experience and Program Level 2 or higher.
  • Beta. Open to Xbox Insiders with 3+ months of experience and Program Level 5 or higher.
  • Alpha and Alpha with forward pass. Invite-only access to preview versions of the next version of the Xbox operating system.

It is currently unknown when this interface will be available to all Xbox Cloud Gaming players. A few days ago, Microsoft added keyboard and mouse support for cloud gaming.

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